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For us, lifestyle and responsibility are no longer conflicting concepts. Our goal is to offer fashionable vegan shoes and accessories that also fulfil ethical and ecological aspects. Our products come from established suppliers who value fair working conditions and sustainability.

We wish you a lot of fun with our products!

Your Anifree-Shoes team

Our standards - "vegan, fair, sustainable"

Our company originated from the desire to offer goods that are not only vegan, but fair and ecological at all levels. In our online shop you will only find sustainable and 100% vegan shoes, bags and accessories.

Our aim is not to manufacture shoes at the expense of people, animals and the environment as cheaply as possible, but rather to ensure compliance with our standards, which make a carefree

shopping experience possible.


The vegan aspect of our shoes is easily explained, they contain no animal ingredients. To guarantee this, we only accept suppliers that have been awarded the "PETA-APPROVED Vegan" seal. Our brand name "Anifree-Shoes" is made up of "animal" and "free" to show our attitude towards the vegan way of life.


Most conventional shoes, by far, are produced in Asia. China leads the market with approx. 64% in 2014, followed by Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. The reason why the production volume abroad and especially in Asia is so high is due to the lower costs. However, it is now well known how these low costs can be achieved. There is a lack of occupational safety, fair pay and humane treatment. The majority of our vegan shoes are therefore produced in Europe, where high standards of environmental protection and occupational safety prevail, including the manufacturers Nae, Wills, Bahatika, Bourgeois Boheme and The No Animal Brand. Our supplier Ethletic produces under fair conditions in Pakistan, demonstrating through its transparent production process that it can also produce ethically and ecologically there.


Our products are made of materials that are as ecological and environmentally friendly as possible. These raw materials include cotton, microfibre, piñatex, natural rubber, bast, wood, cork, PU artificial leather, recycled plastics such as car tires and PET bottles.

The vegan materials used by our manufacturers are breathable and durable, they cannot be compared with the "cheap" leather imitations, which are used solely instead of leather in order to keep costs down. All these vegan materials are more ecological than leather, because leather is not biodegradable due to the tanning process. The production process produces toxic gases and waste that pollute people and the environment. Further information about these and other topics can be found in the "Info-Point" section .

We also try to contribute our part to a fair and ecological value chain:

- We only use packaging materials (adhesive tapes and cartons) made from renewable raw materials

- All packaging materials are 100% vegan

- We ensure compliance with our standards for all products offered

- We work with DHL GoGreen: The CO2 emissions associated with the transport of the parcels are

compensated by the cultivation of new trees.